Structural Energy Lines 3

★ Requires completion of Structural Energy Lines Level 2  ★

Structural Energy Lines 3 focuses on deeper anatomical information, advanced bodywork techniques, more understanding of injuries and care when working deeper in the body.

Practice Experience (200+ hrs) with the material in Structural Energy Lines 2 before attending this level of training with at least 60 documented sessions (receiver name, date, condition, treatment, progress, etc.) for review.

This workshop expands on SEA Bodywork with:

  • Specific mobility tests for joints in all 5 Body Areas
  • Technique Training with feet, heels, elbows,  thumbs & finger pads
  • Nerve assessment & release in and around many joints
  • Active Release working near specific joints and Iliopsoas (Groin/hip)
  • Scapula Release in supine and Lateral Scapula AL3i continuation
  • Deeper Back & Rhomboid Release in Side Position
  • Front Neck Line introduced in two positions
  • Neck Lines, Trapezius & Levator Scapula Release in Supine
  • Intermediate Bodywork Timing & Strategy Approaches
  • Self-Care Maintenance expanded

“Relax massage, easy; Healing massage, no easy.”
–Ajarn Poo, 2006

arm anatomy