Structural Energy Lines Level 3

5-days, 6-hours/day

★ Requires completion of Structural Energy Lines Level 2 and Body Assessment ★

The focus of Structural Energy Lines Level 3 is deeper anatomical information, advanced bodywork techniques, more understanding of injuries and care when working deeper in the body. Practice Experience (200+ hrs) with the material in Structural Energy Lines Level 2 and Body Assessment are required before attending this level of training with at least 60 sessions documented (person, date, condition, treatment, progress, etc.) for review.

This workshop expands on SEA Bodywork with:

  • Specific mobility tests for joints in all 5 Body Areas
  • Technique Training with feet, heels, elbows,  thumbs & finger pads
  • Nerve assessment & release in and around many joints
  • Active Release working near specific joints and Iliopsoas (Groin/hip)
  • Scapula Release in supine and Lateral Scapula AL3i continuation
  • Deeper Back & Rhomboid Release in Side Position
  • Front Neck Line introduced in two positions
  • Neck Lines, Trapezius & Levator Scapula Release in Supine
  • Intermediate Bodywork Timing & Strategy Approaches
  • Self-Care Maintenance expanded

“Relax massage easy, healing massage no easy.”
–Ajarn Poo, 2006

arm anatomy