Body Rolling

1-day, 6-hours

★  Everybody interested is welcome ★

Therapeutic Body Rolling is one of the best therapeutic exercises you can practice to keep your body relaxed and flexible benefiting:
– massage therapists, physical trainers and yogis
– office workers and teachers
– artists, dancers and musicians
– high-intensity athletes
– etc.

This full-day workshop (9AM – noon and 1PM – 4PM) is for anyone who wants to learn self-care exercises and practices to take care of their own body. It is primarily intended to help relieve body pain and/or movement limitations as a self-care body maintenance practice. During the workshop, you will learn a complete set of techniques to take care of the whole body from feet to neck.

Body Rolling is a form of self-massage that is sometimes referred to as SMFR (Self-MyoFascial Release). Fascia is a thin, tough, elastic type of connective tissue beneath the skin that wraps most structures in the human body, including muscles. With time and poor posture or immobility, Fascia can harden and create adhesions, thus preventing free and natural movements.

When done correctly (and regularly), Therapeutic Body Rolling supports the healing of the body and can prevent many of the common structural problems: back, shoulder, hip, knee, neck pain, tendinitis and many others. This technique utilizes self-massage tools such as foam rollers, wooden objects, various types of balls and other tools. The practitioner places their body on the rolling tool utilizing gravity and body weight to increase pressure on the muscles and connective tissue in order to induce the release of compression and tension in the area.

We provide foam rollers and other Myofascial release tools for use during the class, but you are welcome to bring your own tools as well.

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