Structural Energy Lines 1

This workshop is for those wanting to learn ancient SEN lines and give therapeutic bodywork on the massage mat following Traditional Thai Massage methodology. It is open to all levels of bodyworkers and best taught in groups with 2 - 8 participants.

Training Exercises

SEA Bodywork is very challenging in terms of kneeling and moving energy along the energy line.


Full-kneeling is more of a warm-up and stretch. We use to use this position for chanting Buddhist mantras like Namo Thassa and Om Namo, Shivago before and after training each day. Just the sheer time in this position is great for stretching the feet, legs and hips.


Half-Kneeling (one knee on the ground, wide legs) allows you to shift your body-weight and power in four directions – front, back, and both sides. Secondarily, it helps to stretch and open your groin, quadriceps, feet, and lower legs as well as letting you use one of your feet to support the receiver’s arm or leg when necessary.


Thumbing Technique

The “Bridge” is the part of the hand under the knuckles (under heads of the Metacarpal bones) that rests on their body for support, kind of like making a “Bridge” for the billiard cue stick.

Then you align your Bridge and Thumb and simply drop your bodyweight through both evenly sinking into the body with the bottom of first thumb joint.

Thumb Training

Thumb training is essential in building more safe, stable and long-lasting thumbs. Try to keep the elbows straight with the elbows opposite the thumbs to use bodyweight while sinking into movements.

Structural Energy Lines - Feet and Medial Legs

These are the locations of the medial (inner) feet and leg Structural Energy Lines. These are the actual materials in the manual, so your time will be well spent preparing with these before you attend the workshop. Try feeling the connections along the leg or between the foot and the lower leg lines.

The energy line abbreviations seem cryptic, but they start to make sense when we get to other areas like the arms, back and neck.

Thank you for your interest in Structural Energy Lines 1 and this is the history of how it originated…

This workshop may be taught by Mike Tan in Los Angeles or Jessie Quon in Montreal, Canada.

Please contact either of us for more details.