Area 1: Feet and Lower Legs

Our feet and lower legs connect us to the Earth and support our entire weight, thus greatly influencing the rest of the body when pain or mobility dysfunction occurs here. Imbalanced lower leg alignment with poor mobility may lead to problems in the knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck. This area is usually the main limitation affecting ~70% of Knee Problems reported.

Body Rolling and Myofascial Release are one of the most important first steps for this area, possibly requiring many hours (200+) of practice before real change is achieved. The rebalancing program depends on past history and current activity, especially when performing high-impact sports for long periods.

Body Area 1

Body Rolling

Performing Body Rolling exercises for the Feet, Shins and Calves helps to release the longterm compression and tension in the Myofascia, Muscles and Connective Tissue.

Releasing this area will help resolve conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Calf Pain and Tendonitis, Restless Legs Syndrome, etc.

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Mobility and Stretching

Mobility and Stretching are important for lengthening the resting state of the muscles in the Feet, Shins and Calves, after the initial myofascial adhesions are released with Body Rolling.

Muscle viscosity and shortened length around the ankles are the most influential conditions affecting foot/ankle alignment while standing, walking and moving in general.

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Strengthening is needed in cases where the ankle is weak and typically “rolls” to the lateral side, causing Inversion Sprains. Balanced ankles are important for the balance of all the joints in the body.

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