Body Rolling: Upper Torso and Neck

This is the final area for Rebalancing, due to the fact that the source of many of the pain, problems and movement limitations affecting this area is actually coming from all the areas below. Think of this area like the top of the pyramid.

Use a Roller


Lift your butt off the ground and roll from the bottom of the rib-cage to the top of the shoulders and neck. You may either hold your hands above your head or clasp them behind your head to support your neck.

CAUTION: Do not roll below the bottom of the rib cage on the kidneys or T11/T12.

Back 2

Sit your butt down and stay in one place. Cross your arms “hugging” yourself and roll between the scapulas from side to side.

Variation: Clasp the hands behind your head to support your neck and twist to touch each elbow to the ground.

Use a Lacrosse Ball



With your back on the ground or against a wall, place the lacrosse ball next to the spine and work up along the spine on the middle and upper back. Proceed in a Spot-by-Spot approach and for each spot rest for several breaths on the ball. Make sure to balance later on the other side of the spine.

CAUTION: Do not roll on the spine and avoid the lower back to protect the kidneys.



Place the ball on a wall and lean into it to reach the top of the spine near the neck. Turn your head away from the wall to work close to the spine. Slowly work in a Spot-by-Spot approach from the base of the neck up to the base of the head and from the base of the neck out to above the shoulder. Then repeat on the opposite side.

CAUTION: Do not roll on the spine.