Body Rolling: Hip Extensors and Lower Back

This is the area where the pain usually shows up: in the lower back, hip, sacrum or sacroiliac joint. Most of the body rolling around the buttocks, hips and lower back is focused on relieving pain symptoms and can be done also when pain is present, with less intensity.

Roll deeply *on and between* the hamstrings to help break up the myofascia and release the attachments near the knees and sit-bones.

Rolling the Knees and Hip Flexors helps this area too, focusing more on releasing “the source”, as the pain is often due to the pull caused mainly by Quad dominance and found in many cases of anterior pelvic tilt or swayback.

Use a Roller

Buttocks & Hips


Sit on the roller with bent knees, hold core and roll back and forth to warm up the glutes. Slowly expand the rolling motion reaching from under the sit-bones to the sacrum. After rolling several times, sit still on the glutes and lean your weight on one side for a few breaths, then repeat to the other side. Move to a different area and repeat in a Spot-by-Spot approach, working the top of hamstrings and sit-bones, glutes, hips and sacrum.

Variation 1: while leaning to one side bend the same side knee open to the ground.

Variation 2: cross one bend knee over the other.

Use a Lacrosse Ball or Softball

Buttocks & Hips


Lie on your back and place the ball under one glute. Bend the same side knee and slowly move in circles on the ball. Then tay still and relax on the ball, before moving it to a different spot and repeating. Work the whole area from the sacrum to the hip, then repeat on the opposite side.

Variation: bring the bent knee towards the ground and lean your weight on the ball.

Extra spot: place the ball next to your hip and lean to the side to help release the TFL muscle.

Hamstrings & Abductors

Sitting on a chair, place the ball under your leg as close as possible to the sit-bone. Play with your body weight moving from your torso, as you feel the ball sinking in between the hamstring muscles. After a few breaths on one spot, slide towards the back of the chair so the ball moves forward and repeat in a Spot-by-Spot approach. You might have to sit sideways to reach the last spot close to the knee. After reaching the knee, repeat for the other leg.

Variation: increase the weight on the ball by placing your arms on the leg and leaning your body wight forward.