Body Rolling: Arms and Shoulders

This entire area demands a lot from the human body as the hands, arms and shoulders are responsible for much of the activity we perform in life.

As a result, many issues can form from the hands up to the shoulders and also eventually end up in Area 5: Chest, Upper Back, Neck and Head.

Repeat many, many, many times to see change, especially when dealing with pain conditions from the hands up to the shoulders. Be patient when leaning into the ball or roller while breathing out slowly.

Use a Roller


Lie on your side and place the roller under the arm, just above the armpit. Keep the arm relaxed and the palm of the hand facing down to work the inside of the upper arm. Slowly move front to back, the palm turns upward, then to front again to work cross fibre. Move downwards to the next spot and repeat. Proceed in a Spot-by-Spot approach from the armpit down to just before the elbow.

Variation: bend your elbow 90 degrees and try the same Spot-by-Spot approach above.

Medial Biceps



Lie on your belly and place one arm on the roller. Facing the opposite side, push yourself up to slightly twist your torso and increase the pressure on the roller. After a few breaths, proceed in a Spot-by-Spot approach from the armpit down to just before the elbow.

Use a Lacrosse Ball


Lie on your back and place the lacrosse ball on the corner of the scapula, just where it attaches to the arm. Work to relax and sink in, maybe support the head on a pillow.

Variation: do the exercise sitting or standing against a wall.


Kneeling in front of the lacrosse ball, place your forearm on the ball close to elbow. Keep the hand relaxed with the palm facing down to work the inside of the lower arm. Support the arm with the other hand or arm and slowly apply bodyweight. After a few breaths proceed in a Spot-by-Spot approach from the elbow down to the wrist.

Variation: turn the palm up to work the
outside of the lower arm.



Place one hand on the ball and keep it relaxed, with the arm straight. Apply bodyweight with the opposite hand. Work the hand in the palm heel area first, to warm up, then move in a Spot-by-Spot approach between the palm bones from the heel out to under the knuckles. Start between the 4th & 5th Metacarpals, spot by spot, then repeat between the next two bones (3rd and 4th), then the 2nd and 3rd and lastly between the 1st and 2nd.