Area 4: Arms and Shoulders

This area demands a lot from the body and takes time to be understood and treated efficiently. It can be rebalanced independently from the other areas, although in many cases a issue in the groin or hip may indirectly affect it.

Arms and shoulders can benefit from a balanced combination of Myofascial Release (Body Rolling) and Mobility & Stretching exercises, in conjunction with shoulder Strengthening.

CAUTION: Be careful in case of shoulder injury.
In most cases, make sure the shoulder is pain free in movement and has some mobility before trying to strengthen, but in some cases a little strengthening may help you become pain free sooner.

Body Rolling

Body Rolling for the hands, forearms, biceps, triceps and shoulders is important for the shoulder to articulate properly, for the elbow to flex and extend fully and for the hand and wrist to have full mobility.

Myofascial Release is one of the best first approach when there is any kind of muscle, joint or nerve impingement happening anywhere from the finger tips to the neck along the path of the median, ulnar or radial nerves.

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Mobility and Stretching

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